PACMEDIA is a communication agency that specializes in entertainment marketing services which includes: product placement, endorsements, events, promotions and publicity.

Our work

Specializing in film and entertainment marketing, our company has a dynamic and multi-level approach to working with brands and creating unique engagements.

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  • Product Placement

    PACMEDIA’s core capability is product placement. From the initial stages of development of a film i.e. the script until the principal photography, we are involved an follow the brand story to maximize the impact a brand may have in each film.

  • Film Festivals

    PACMEDIA is present at the most prestigious international film and music festivals and events, offering sponsorship and partnership solutions either for festivals or for fringe events: parties, special award ceremonies, red carpet.

  • Events

    Each PACMEDIA event is an outstanding experience, where all elements contribute to let guests dive into a world of light, music and fun. Our aim is not simply to promote a brand, organize a concert or an exhibition but to make all that come to life.

  • Premieres

    A premiere is a particular event where the audience meets the cast on the red carpet first and then on the screen. PACMEDIA works so that the experience in the lobby is as involving as that on the screen.

  • Publicity, Communication & Partnerships

    We keep together partners and make possible the impossible, literally designing some amazing partnerships to raise awareness.

  • Concierge

    The PACMEDIA Concierge service offers a broad range of opportunities for all kinds of clients: luxury incentives, breathtaking locations, all-inclusive packages, a 24/7 assistance.

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